1. Acceptance of the Existence

  2. Geophony
    Mind Over MIDI

  3. Simulacrum

  4. Submission
    Yasuhito Fujinami

  5. Ornament of Passing Days
    Fading Contour

  6. Untitled (1980)
    Francisco López

  7. Pizza Pan & Shaker
    Anla Courtis

  8. Some Small Subscapes (Dedicated to George Nelson)
    Steve Roden

  9. A minute is actually an immense space of time.
    Steve Roden

  10. Halalnihil / The Haters
    Halalnihil / The Haters

  11. Nylon Source Manipulation (The Readings)
    The Rita & Masturbatory Dysfunction

  12. Crucible Steel
    Creation Through Destruction

  13. Black Leather Jesus / Halalnihil
    Black Leather Jesus / Halalnihil

  14. Les Orbites Dans Les Décombres

  15. Erratic Liquid Under the Surface of Europa
    Necrotik Fissure

  16. Novadenique
    Necrotik Fissure

  17. Imagined Textures of the Mud
    Necrotik Fissure

  18. Hydrogen Cloud
    Necrotik Fissure

  19. Seriatim Cracking
    Necrotik Fissure

  20. Not Negative Number
    Nascitari / Necrotik Fissure

  21. Nous Combattrons Dans La Nuit Sans Trop De Tristesse

  22. 行け!行け!

  23. The Distortion of Reality
    Dosis Letalis

  24. Black Novel
    An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter

  25. The Righteous Light Go Through The Life-Giving Rain

  26. Ionascetic

  27. Stainless Tunes
    N. + A.B.S.

  28. Boppers Ride a Noxious Tomorrow
    Filthy Turd

  29. Split
    Halalnihil / GalaktikHevnAttk

  30. Vasoconstriction

  31. Elektromos Acél Zuhany / Untitled
    Halalnihil / Vomir

  32. Hibernation
    Ana Venus / Halalnihil

  33. Mania / Halalnihil
    Mania / Halalnihil

  34. Dark Matter Crunch
    Necrotik Fissure

  35. Cold Ground Zero
    Necrotik Fissure

  36. Regardless Cells Autopsy
    Necrotik Fissure

  37. גולם‎ (Golem)
    Szárnyas Lucifer

  38. Dühöngő Szarvasember
    Szárnyas Lucifer

  39. Szárnyas Lucifer Hatvankilenc Támadása
    Szárnyas Lucifer

  40. How Could Be A Mother That Fucking Ugly?
    Ugly White Mother

  41. One Partner For A Lifetime
    Ugly White Mother

  42. Interracial Quadropenetrationist
    Ugly White Mother

  43. Deep and Empty

  44. Elme Fagypont


The Level of Vulnerability Hungary

Experimental / Industrial Noise / Ambient label from Hungary. From Harsh Noise Wall, to Lowercase, the label offer a huge variety of sounds, working with many artists ranging from all sides of their musical executions.

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